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Amazon FBA Calculator

Calculate your Amazon profit potential using the Amazon FBA calculator

Every Amazon Seller calculates his profits before and after launching his product on Amazon. For a profitable Amazon business, you’ll have to do a bit of research and calculations on your initial investments, cost price, marketing and other variable things like estimated sales, etc to understand your profits and profit margins.

Is fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) profitable for you? Or should you choose FBM for your Amazon products?

Let’s take a closer look and understand your Amazon Selling process and costs better. You’ll have the basic costs for the samples, cost of goods, marketing costs, PPC, etc and then the storage and shipping costs for warehouse space, packing supplies, labor, Amazon FBA fees, Shipping to Amazon, referral fees.

Storage and shipping is a very crucial part of Amazon selling that is fragile and requires periodical attention and inspections to ensure that you sell better, get noticed with your fast - delivery and shipping services and also maintain your product or brand’s reputation. Shipping and Storage decisions play a major role in deciding your profit margin.

Merchant fulfillment versus fulfillment by Amazon

FBA is great for new sellers who want to stand better in the competition by providing faster delivery and to get access to a much wider customer base, for high-volume sellers and for large and expensive products.Amazon FBA is very useful and gives amazing advantages like Prime eligibility, Buy Box advantages. Also free time to focus on strengthening your business

FBM gives you more flexibility and you are more inclined to build a diverse sustainable business on solid grounds. You can build your volume gradually as you grow your Amazon business. You have more inventory control , packaging and shipping control. Interact with your customers directly. FBM works best for products with lesser profit margins

FBA isn’t free. It can eat up your profit margin if you don't calculate it right for the products you sell using FBA. FBA charges include fees for Order handling, Pick & pack, Outbound shipping, Weight handling, 30-day storage, Inbound shipping, Prep service.

FBM requires a firm hand on your selling responsibilities to manage things smoothly as well as make profits. Shipments and customer service must be well handled. Without a strong, quality-controlled process, you will make mistakes which might affect your seller-health rating. Since FBA sellers get a better advantage over FBM sellers you might also have to lower your selling price to compete against FBA sellers with similar products to get the BuyBox advantage.

For most Amazon sellers, the best option is a diversified strategy that utilizes FBA for some products and FBM for others.
Use the Amazon FBA calculator to compare and analyze the revenue potential and profits for your Amazon Products.
Decide whether FBA works the best for you or FBM.

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ASIN:{{productData.asin }}


Product Dimensions:{{productData.package_dimensions.length.value}} X {{productData.package_dimensions.width.value}} X {{productData.package_dimensions.height.value}} {{productData.package_dimensions.height.units}}

Unit Weight:{{productData.package_dimensions.weight.value}} {{productData.package_dimensions.weight.units}}

RevenueMerchant fulfillmentAmazon fulfillment
Item Price$$
Shipping$$ {{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.shipping_price}}
Total Revenue$ {{calcDetails.mfn_fees_detail.total_revenue}}$ {{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.total_revenue}}
Selling on Amazon Fees$ {{calcDetails.mfn_fees_detail.selling_fees.total_fees}}$ {{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.selling_fees.total_fees}}

fulfillment Cost

Seller fulfillment Cost$
Monthly Storage :
Labor :
Packaging Material :
Ship To Customer :
Customer Service :
fulfillment by Amazon FeesNA$ {{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.fulfillment_fees.total_fees}}
Ship to AmazonNA$
Total Fulfillment Cost$ {{calcDetails.mfn_fees_detail.total_fulfillment_cost}}$ {{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.total_fulfillment_cost}}
Selling Proceeds$ {{calcDetails.mfn_fees_detail.seller_proceeds}}$ {{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.seller_proceeds}}
Cost of Product$$

Net Profitability

Net Profit$ {{calcDetails.mfn_fees_detail.net_profit}}$ {{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.net_profit}}
Net Margin{{calcDetails.mfn_fees_detail.net_margin}}%{{calcDetails.afn_fees_detail.net_margin}}%

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Copy the URL or the ASIN of your Amazon product and paste it.
  • In the FBA profit calculator enter the item price, shipping and seller fulfillment cost, the cost to ship it to Amazon and the total cost of the product per unit.
  • Analyse the report comparing the net profit and the profit margin of using FBM vs FBA calculated by the FBA calculator
  • Go to Amazon's main page and search for the product in it.
  • Copy the URL or the ASIN of the product you are interested in
  • In the FBA revenue calculator focus on the right-hand Amazon fulfillment column and enter your item price, the cost to ship it to Amazon and the total cost of the product per unit.
  • The net profit and the percentage for the particular product is shown by the Amazon FBA calculator report.

FBA is a very useful service for Amazon Sellers. Using Amazon’s fulfillment services can grow your business faster at the same time gain the trust of your customers

  • Stores your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers
  • Picks packs and delivers your products
  • Takes care of customer service and returns for you

Best of all, Amazon FBA also helps you scale your business and reach more customers.


On comparing FBA vs FBM, you can find advantages and disadvantages on both the sides. FBA is costlier,also Amazon takes a part of your profit sometimes, inventory tracking, product volume to ship to Amazon’s warehouse, deciding your inventory capacity for different seasons are the few headaches encountered while using FBA.