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Once you have a viable product to sell on Amazon, how do you reach out to your potential customers?

Tailor make your listing for the sole purpose of being heard better. Stand better than your competitors and make better sales. Optimise your product Amazon listing with this free keyword research and keyword tracking tool

Let’s see what keywords actually are - Keywords are the exact words or phrases typed by searchers to verbalize their item of interest. Keywords are the connectors from the shoppper’s search bar to your product page. SellerPrime’s Amazon keyword tool helps you understand what are the best keywords to use in your listing by giving adequate data for making this decision. Uncover the most profitable and highly specific keywords that help buyers find what you are selling. Find your best and the most relevant keywords that will help you rank better in searches and also make conversions.

Amazon Keyword Search shows highly useful information to find the best keywords for your Amazon listing

  • Amazon Search volume
  • Amazon Trending Keywords
  • Trending months for the keywords
  • First suggested keywords on Amazon for any given base keyword
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)

Keywords can be wisely chosen depending on the relevancy, number of searches, competition, and seasonality. By carefully structuring your listing to strategically include these keywords to describe your product, Amazon will index your product in its search results and you improve your chances of being organically seen and potentially selling your product.

What are the advantages of using the right keywords?

Using the right keywords is extremely important for two reasons. Majorly it optimizes it for Amazon’s search engine.Your product gets indexed and gets displayed when a search is performed based on the keywords you use in your product listing. Using the right keywords in your Amazon listing is like “speaking the same language” as the Amazon shopper. By matching the keywords in your listing, your product can be organically seen and recognized by the searcher interested in your space.The right keywords connect the dots between the buyer’s keystrokes and your product. Also the shopper gets a clear idea of your product.

Track your keywords to analyze which keywords are helping you rank better on Amazon’s search and the ones that need improvement. Also track a competitor’s keywords or keywords from an interesting product or seller using SellerPrime’s Keyword Tracking tool. Uncover many more interesting and useful tools to boost your Amazon business.

SellerPrime is a great tool which has combined multiple functions from product tracking and keyword research, to listing management for which we had to use several different services previously. A new way for sellers to optimize time and cost, making things quicker and easier.Harris

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s quite simple to do an Amazon keyword research with SellerPrime’s Amazon Keyword Search tool. Enter a related keyword your Amazon product in the Keyword research tool. You get a huge list of recommended keywords for the product that are Amazon Auto suggested and/or trending keywords based on the search volume, CPC, number of indexed products, competition intensity and trending months.

There are no strenuous keyword research hacks for finding the right keywords with high search volumes during your Amazon keyword research phase. Amazon’s High search volume keywords can be found on SellerPrime’s Amazon Keyword tool. SellerPrime gives you the best keywords and phrases that you can use in order to bring your products on the top organic search results on Amazon’s search results.

Not really. The sales of products on Amazon can be greatly improved by keyword Research Optimisation. A number of sellers quit working with amazon because they suffer a huge amount of loss in the early stages of their business, so they have no courage to carry the business forward.

The solution to this problem is SellerPrime’s Amazon Keyword search tool. Amazon Keyword Research tool will help you in finding the best keywords for your product listing and thus, will help you in increasing your sales by a healthy margin.

Keyword research optimization and appropriate keyword indexing is the way to get in amazon’s recommendation list. SellerPrime offers you Amazon Keyword Search tool that can help you in getting into Amazon’s recommendation list. Also track your keywords regularly to get better over time.

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Yes, Amazon product ranking plays a very important role in selling your product on Amazon. Top ranked products always appear on top of the Amazon search results. Out of various other similar products, the buyer clicks on the top result( a psychological fact) and thus ends up in buying your product that is listed on the top. Thus, the sales of your product increase by many times. So it is very important to optimize your product listing effectively with the right keywords so that your product appears as the top search result on Amazon.

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