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How to use Amazon description Editor ?

Step 1: Enter text and design it with the text editor effects and click on View the HTML code

Step 2: Click on Copy HTML code to copy the HTML code to clipboard

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Effortlessly create professional product listings that are attractive and converting. No HTML knowledge required at all. Type in plain text and magically see it convert to HTML code. Improve readability and optimize Amazon listing for your product.

Are you tired of your plain-text amazon descriptions? Want to create fancier descriptions?

Stop struggling with clumsy HTML codes and start converting effortlessly!

Get your product descriptions right. Make them easy for potential customers to read and improve your chances of converting on Amazon. Learn how to edit your Amazon listing for the best conversions.

It is no secret that descriptions are hugely important in a perfect product listing. With just a tiny bit of time spent for a bit of formatting, you can make descriptions really easy to read. Get better Amazon listing optimization and therefore increase the likelihood of a sale.

Make sure you make your listing as good as it can be from the beginning and save the time of having to go back and edit it again later unnecessarily.

What is Amazon Product Description Editor?

It is an Amazon description HTML converter. Product description editor is also an Amazon product listing service tool for helping sellers both experienced and new to create professional product listings for Amazon that are more readable and attractive and also to optimize Amazon listing for your product.

How does the Amazon Product Description Editor work?

The editor is very simple to use. Type what you want in your description then edit it with the tools at the top of the editing box.

Once you are happy with the way your description looks, click the “HTML Code” and magically see it convert to HTML code. Copy the HTML code over to the product description box. You make your product listing more readable as well as optimize Amazon listing for your product.

SellerPrime is a great tool which has combined multiple functions from product tracking and keyword research, to listing management for which we had to use several different services previously. A new way for sellers to optimize time and cost, making things quicker and easier.Harris

Frequently Asked Questions

A quick search online will show plenty of results stating that absolutely no formatting is allowed in Amazon descriptions. However, this is incorrect. You can add Amazon allowed HTML tags to format your Amazon product descriptions. The Product Description Editor only provides the Amazon allowed HTML tags for the Amazon description HTML converter.

Nope, not at all. As long you use the Amazon allowed html tags.

The approved HTML tags that Amazon allows are: “b”, “br”, “em”, “font”, “h1”, “h2”, “h3”, “h4”, “h5”, “h6”, “hr”, “i”, “li”, “ol”, “p”, “pre”, “s”, “strike”, “strong”, “sub”, “sup”, “u” ,“ul”, etc. You can take a look at the complete list here. That list is great, but it’s also really techie for those who don’t know how HTML tags work.

Yes of course. Manually insert any of those tags and see how it looks. However this is only recommended for people who understand how to use html. For the rest non-coder guys the best is to try SellerPrime’s Product description editor.

Product Description Editor is an Amazon HTML editor. There are other important factors to be considered to optimize your product listing.

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