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So you have optimized your listing, used all of the top keywords, have good content, great images, great description, your backend keywords are in place but you still get no orders and you’re wondering why. It could be because your keywords are not indexed by Amazon or may be you don’t rank your keywords.

SellerPrime helps you save hours and hours of manual work. Instead of you spending time on typing in your ASIN and each individual keyword to check your page rank, SellerPrime offers you a complete list of all the keywords used in your listing along with information about if each keyword is indexed or not and the page rank for each individual keyword.

Analyze your page rank to know which keywords need to be optimized in your listing. By optimizing the keywords, your listing has a better chance to be discovered by your potential customers on Amazon.

If you want to get indexed and improve your ranking, head over to listing improvement and take a look at the following factors

Top factors that influence Amazon indexing -

  • Conversion Rate - BSR, price, customer reviews, parent-child products, answered questions, time on page, page views and bounce rate
  • Content quality - Image size and quality, title, bullet points, description, specifications, keywords, search terms, brand and manufacturer part number, category and subcategory
  • Customer satisfaction and retention - negative seller feedback, order processing speed, in stock rate, perfect order percentage, order defect rate, exit rate, packaging options
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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can add 5 lines of 1,000 character each that is 5000 words in Amazon backend keywords. Amazon keyword search optimization is the back end information Crucial for Sellers in order to list their Products and Compete with Other sellers.


Yes, adding Backend Keywords in Amazon description on Amazon matters a lot because these are one of the main factors which determine on what position will your product appear in Amazon’s organic searches. The search result that Amazon shows in top organic results on Amazon is the one whose mentioned keywords or phrases in description are the most similar ones to the keywords typed in the search bar of the Amazon’s website by the potential customer. So, in order to bring your listed product to the top organic search results offered by Amazon’s website, you need to put the most trending Backend Keywords in your Amazon description for your product. Most trending keywords are those which the visitors on Amazon type the most in the search bar of Amazon. Adding the best matching trending keywords and phrases in your product description will help you in increasing the chance of getting a higher ranking in the Organic Search Results of Amazon.


The best keywords to be used on Amazon while listing a product on Amazon can be found on various sites that offer the Best keywords through our specialized Amazon Keyword Search.


Amazon charges three things as Amazon selling fees when you list your product on its site,

  • Amazon Referral fee Which depends on the product category Listed on Amazon Central
  • Closing fee Fixed Per Unit
  • Shipping fee (if you want to ship through Amazon).
Amazon Charges This Shipping Fee based on the weight of the product,the size of the product,the size and shape of the product and the area where the product needs to be shipped.
The Referral fee that Amazon charges depend on the category of the product listed, the Closing fee is fixed per unit of the product.
In some places, Amazon’s policy of charges Selling Fee has a monthly charge taken at the beginning of the month.