Amazon uses the Amazon product listing content to decide your search rank when a customer searches for something. The product list content should not only aim at providing relevant information to the customer but also to put the information in such a way that more and more people get to see your product listing upon searching.

Seven steps to Amazon Product Listing Optimization

Your first goal should be to rank your products for the most profitable keywords on Amazon. Over time your listing will naturally rank the best for your profitable keyword on Google. Following are the 7 places your keywords should be present on your listing. These are more than enough to ensure that your profitable keywords work without having to force them into any section. Having your keywords ‘sprinkled’ throughout your Amazon product listing is really important to help your sales to grow.

  • Title

The title of your listing is one of the most important part of your Amazon product listing. Generally speaking titles under 80 characters are preferred by Amazon. Going for extra long titles could also lead to the product listing being suppressed and is definitely not something that you would want. Also in the mobile app, titles get truncated if more than 80 characters. As long as you have your primary keyword visible in the title, you will be relevant to shoppers no matter where they search. Having your important keywords in you title itself gives you an edge over your competitors.

  • Bullet points

Amazon provides you 5 bullet points with 100 character limit for each bullet. Using the entire space provided to you is very important. You should write your bullet points in a way that you get all your profitable keywords in a way that it reads well and entices the reader to make a purchase.

  • Description

Most customers do not go so down the product listing page. Most of them do not even read the description. And if they do, they might be looking for some additional information about the product. But description have a weight in Amazon’s algorithm. Use your most profitable keywords to write a proper description of your product. As a lot of space is provided to add the description, you can use some other less-profitable keywords too.

  • Reviews

Most sellers do not know how to use their customer review section to improve their Amazon product listing. You can’t control the words that your customers use while writing the review, but you can control the keywords that you use while responding to the views.

  • Q&A

Customers can use the question section of your Amazon listing to ask you and others questions about your product. You should answer your customer’s questions and use your profitable keywords in your answers. Also some of the answers can be added as part of the description or bullet point also!

  • Listings backend

You should insert all of your profitable keywords into the keyword section of your product listings back end. You should also insert any other words that describe your product.

Note: For a primer on how to optimize Amazon backend keywords, please refer to Optimize your Amazon Backend Keywords for PPC

  • The image alt tags

This is another extremely non utilized Amazon Keyword Optimization technique. Alt tags are basically small captions that you can write under the images of your product. This is a great place to utilize your profitable keywords.

Additional Areas of Amazon Product Listing Improvement

  • Brand and Manufacturer Number

Brand sells and there’s no doubt about it. Thus it should be mentioned in the title thereby letting your product be listed based on the brand as well as be eligible for search filters.

  • Use of Images

The better you can see it on screen the better the chances of engaging and converting a potential customer. It is a must to use a high resolution image, of a minimum of 1000 x 1000 px. This is essential to zoom the image. Improper image can be one of the reasons for which the search can be suppressed.

Multiple images from different angles should be used if they afford different details, however if the case is otherwise, not having a lot of isn’t really something that contributes negatively, but the images strictly must be of good quality. In any case having too many images reduces the returns.

  • FBA

Without having to think much over it, Fulfillment by Amazon sounds positive in itself and a good thing to have. Though in the ranking fulfillment, amazon does not consider FBA, but FBA contributes to a lot of other factors like the processing speed and reliability of shipping. Thus having an FBA improves the actors of this kind.

  • Keywords

Using the keywords efficiently is one of the most powerful ways of boosting product visibility and sales. Despite sounding as easy putting significant keywords at apparent good places to put them, it is generally not the case.Very different keywords that do not actually describe the product can be bringing people to your product page.

Finding the right keywords involves research and could also involve trial and error testing. SellerPrime Amazon Keyword Research Tool helps you find the most profitable keywords with a high search volume, less competition rate and high relevance. There are also other interesting and useful tools that can maximize your Amazon Sales. Sign-up now for a free  7-day trial.

How to make your Amazon product listing efficient

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