SellerPrime continues to prove that it is one of the best, if not the best, platforms for helping Amazon sellers gain smart insights to boost their sales. Alongside a positive 8.5 rating and a 100 percent user satisfaction rating, SellerPrime received the Great User Experience and Rising Star award from FinancesOnline. This leading software review platform preselects software solutions in a bid to help businesses find the best solution for their unique needs and requirements.

The FinancesOnline review team said SellerPrime is capable of helping users boost their sales with data-driven decisions. “With SellerPrime, you get the full picture of your customers, their behavior, and tendencies as well as patterns and trends,” wrote FinancesOnline. Obtaining data on customer behavior and global trends is easily accomplished through a few button clicks, and considering SellerPrime also provides you with the tools to improve your Amazon ranking, you can easily optimize your product listing. Because SellerPrime makes it so easy to improve your Amazon sales, we received the Great User Experience for eCommerce software for small business from FinancesOnline. This industry award is given to solutions that are easy to start using, provide stunning ease of use, and are equipped with an intuitive interface. After FinancesOnline saw first-hand that SellerPrimecan easily make one’s product listing stand out on the Amazon space, we also secured a spot in their top 10 ranking here.

Other functionalities FinancesOnline highlighted include SellerPrime’s capability to curate top selling products while helping users assess the product potential, quickly track and get alerted how competitors handle and update their product listings, and receive “detailed insights” on PPC campaigns to improve product listing performance.

SellerPrime also received the prestigious Rising Star award from FinancesOnline, a distinction for software solutions that are well received by clients due to its efficiency in solving both simple and difficult tasks.


SellerPrime Recognized to Deliver Great User Experience for eCommerce Software

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