Listing Improvements

Do you know how Amazon decide which listing should be prioritized over others in search? In other words, how is your page rank assigned when someone is searching for keywords specific to your product?

Listing Improvements Real-Time Summary Dashboards

Top factors that affect your indexing and ASIN search

  • Keyword placement - Accurate and rich content on Title, Bullet points, and Description
  • Accurate Backend Keywords
  • Fulfilled by Amazon/ Amazon Prime eligibility
  • Quality & Number of product images - Reco: min of 6 images
  • Your Average Product Rating - Reco: Above 4
  • Number of Reviews - Reco: 15+

Your Amazon page quality decides how many users visit your page. SellerPrime gauges Amazon listing quality and assigns a logical score - listing quality index. Use this feature to find your Amazon product listing quality score and improve your Amazon listing.

SellerPrimeā€™s Amazon Listing Improvements Tool evaluates your Amazon product listing against Amazon recommendations and gives actionable insight.

With the Amazon listing improvements tool, view a thorough analysis of the product listing and improve your Amazon listing by making necessary changes to make it search friendly, improve visibility and improve ratings and reviews.

Not only can you improve your Amazon listing but also do an ASIN search and check the listing quality score for any product on Amazon. This will help you understand what your competitors lack, your areas of improvement, tweaks you can make in your own listing to have an advantage over your competitors.