Portfolio Analytics

Actionable analytics for increasing sales of your products at your fingertips

My Amazon Products

Find all your Amazon portfolio products here. This section provides detailed information about your Amazon portfolio

  • Sales performance
  • Summary of product details
  • Order Trends
  • Revenue Trends

This serves as a simple dashboard to view your products, get analytics on your Amazon portfolio and set alerts on inventory and ratings for increased control over your products and performance.

The Amazon Order graph trend and the revenue trend graph show your sales performance over a week. The graph includes different data points for each date which reflects the quantity of orders and revenue per day. Also for each date, find the total number of orders received a week prior. This helps you understand what days are good and how you are performing on a certain date relative to a week before.
Export all your product details into a CSV to review later or for any offline calculations.

Interested Products

Did any Amazon product catch your attention? Our product tracker will help you add and save them all in one place. This is a repository of all the Amazon products you’re interested in.

Track any Amazon product, either by

  1. Adding products with ASIN
  2. Track them from product watch page
  3. Track them from profitable product ideas feature.

Analyze and compare their key metrics like Amazon price trends, sales behavior, market supply, pricing trends and review trends. Shortlist profitable products that can be potentially sold by you.

Don’t waste your valuable time in tracking Amazon seller data like pricing trends and other metrics with excel sheets. Set price drop alerts to get notified when they change their pricing. Set listing alerts to notify you when their content quality goes low. Set rating alerts to get a notification when they or get a bad rating. Store, track and evaluate.

By tracking products, you can run a reverse ASIN on the product. This feature will show all the top keywords used in the listing, their search volume, competition, indexing, page rank. This data can be used to get insights into Amazon seller portfolio, listing quality and how to optimize your own listing relative to the tracked product if you are in the same category.