Seller Watch

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Amazon is an extremely competitive space. It is almost impossible to keep up with Amazon seller competition by manually tracking sellers. Now, you can easily add all the sellers to one dashboard. Track Amazon sellers who are competing with you or launching new products in your category.

Seller Watch makes Amazon seller tracking very simple! Just add the Amazon seller tracking IDs or just add the seller page URL and start tracking!

Always stay one step ahead of your competitors. Sales watch is just one click away now!

  • Seller Watch offers you the following features -
  • Track multiple sellers at the same time
  • BSR tracking (best seller rank), product tracking, sales behavior, product line, performance, their every move
  • Set alerts and get notified when they change pricing, get a low/high rating, listing content quality goes low.
  • Do a reverse ASIN search on your competitors’ listings by using SellerPrime’s Product Keyword Optimization feature