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Tired of using Excel sheets to remove repeated words in your keyword listings?

Reduce your labor and save time. A quicker way to clean and optimize your Amazon keyword listing.

Keywords are the linking factors that lead an Amazon shopper from the search bar to your product listing. Having a keyword list that includes as many keywords that can possibly be typed by the buyer in your product category improves your product’s reach. It makes the keyword list rich in terms of audience reach.

Amazon’s policy states that it indexes only the first 250 characters of the backend keywords and specifically mentions not to use redundant words in keyword listings.

Use SellerPrime's Duplicate Keyword Remover

  • Make a heavier keyword list by omitting repeated keywords to make space for more number of keywords.
  • Merge keyword lists from different sources and easily clean them up to remove repeated words and duplicate keywords.
  • Simple and extremely user friendly tool
  • Free tool for optimizing your Amazon keyword list

How to use the Keyword list cleaner to optimize keyword lists?

  • Type the keywords or copy-paste your keywords list that has repeated words or duplicate keywords to be cleaned.
  • Hit the clean button to remove duplicate or repeated keywords from the word list.
  • Copy the cleaned keyword list with the copy button and paste the optimized keyword list on your Amazon product info page.

Optimize backend keyword content for better search discoverability

  • Do not duplicate content present in other attributes, such as title and bullet points, product description, etc.
  • Do not include keywords that are not descriptive of the product.
  • Do not include brand names (even your own!)
  • No need to repeat keywords; once is good enough.
  • Use keywords that are synonyms, hypernyms or spelling variations of words in generic usage.

Duplicates are just unnecessary and a waste of time. Duplicates also hurt as there are only fewer number of keywords in your list to go through. Repeating keywords in Amazon don’t improve your product placement in search results and maybe considered as SPAM too.

SellerPrime is a great tool which has combined multiple functions from product tracking and keyword research, to listing management for which we had to use several different services previously. A new way for sellers to optimize time and cost, making things quicker and easier.Harris

Frequently Asked Questions

Backend Keywords are the search terms or keywords that cannot be inserted in your product listing, but is a great search term that matches your product. Backend keywords are extremely important for better search discoverability.

Having repeated keywords in your backend search terms reduces the weightage of your backend search terms thereby reducing your search discoverability potential. Also considering the character limit for backend keywords set by Amazon, it is better to make maximum usage of the keywords by removing duplicate words.

For Amazon PPC users they not only have a detrimental impact on your Quality Scores, but they can also cannibalize your budget.If you are bidding on the same keyword twice, both will be entered into the same auctions and you will compete with yourself, driving up your own CPCs.

Backend Keywords are the search terms or keywords that cannot be inserted in your product listing, but is a great search term that matches your product. Backend keywords are extremely important for better search discoverability.

SellerPrime’s Keyword Research tool helps you find the best keywords for your Amazon product. Perform a reverse ASIN using SellerPrime’s Amazon Reverse ASIN tool and discover your competitor’s keywords. Understand their keyword strategies, analyze their weak points and find keywords that are highly profitable.

The best keywords to be used on Amazon to have better visibility on Organic Search results as well as for PPC keywords on Amazon can be found on SellerPrime’s specialized Amazon Keyword Search. Find the most profitable and the best keywords for your Amazon products.

Amazon Keyword tracking is extremely essential to understand how your keywords are helping you in your Amazon business. Keyword Tracking helps you understand the keywords in your product listing that are getting indexed by Amazon and the keywords that need to be changed and need improvements. Keyword Tracking is very critical for Amazon PPC users. SellerPrime’s Keyword Research tools for Amazon Keyword Tracking tool helps you track the performance of your keywords over time.

Think like a customer when you create your list,select general keywords to reach more people, group similar keywords into ad groups,pick the right number of keywords, choose keywords that relate to Amazon; Amazon trending words or Amazon auto suggested keywords.

Here’s a great article gives you good insights on Amazon keyword optimization.

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